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Mayurasana: the peacock. This is an advanced position, requiring a good sense of balance and strength in the arms and back.

Start in Vajrasana, diamond position ('seiza' in Japanese martial arts). Join the arms at the elbows and hands, placing hands on the floor, palms down, fingers pointing towards the toes. Keep the hands and elbows firmly in place during this asana. Lowering the forehead to the mat, bring the abdomen down against the elbows, supporting the body. Slooooowly stretch the legs backwards. Inhale and raise both of the legs from the floor as you balance on the hands. Now raise also the head, by rolling the eyes to the sky. Keep breathing! Exhale, putting the knees back on the ground and come back to Vajrasana.

Excellent for strengthening stomach muscles, wrists, and shoulders. The blood circulation in the internal organs is increased, improving digestion. Aids in eliminating toxins from the body. This is an excellent pose for invigorating the entire body. 


Forward bend


Paschimottanasana: one way of performing this asana is to sit on the floor with legs straight in front of you. Lean forward slightly and wiggle so you feel that you are sitting on the buttocks as you would on a chair. Now sit erect and, inhaling, stretch arms straight above the head palms touching. Exhaling bend forward reaching for the toes. Let the head come down towards the knees: knees are kept straight. Hold this position several seconds. Inhaling, come back to the sitting position. Once we are comfortable with this position, we can also hold the position longer while breathing comfortably. This asana can also be performed from a standing position, then sometimes referred to as "the storck".

This asana (posture) restores elasticity to the muscles, makes the spine flexible, tones abdomen and inner organs. Relaxes and makes the mind more flexible. Also a good posture for diabetics.



I took a ferry to the highway
Then I drove to a pontoon plane
I took a plane to a taxi
And a taxi to a train
I've been traveling so long
How'm I ever going to know my home when I see it again
I'm like a black crow flying
In a blue, blue sky

                      Joni Mitchell

Stand straight and bend from the waist, placing both  palms on the ground, pointing ahead, bending the elbows slightly. Bend and lift the the knees, keeping the eyes turned skywards (!) and place them  on the upper part of each corresponding arm, as close into the armpits as possible. The feet should be in line with the elbows and below the hips. While we stay balanced on the hands, we keep breathing normally, while holding the position as long as is comfortable with effortless effort ! Exhaling, we put the feet back down.


This asana improves concentration and balance, strengthens the wrists, arms and chest.