Welcome to the Art Studio Sotto Voce


To see the world in a grain of salt

And Heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in one hour

                            William Blake (1757-1827)

This little poem by the visionary painter William Blake expresses perfectly the essence of Chinese aesthetics, which is the source of inspiration at the Art Studio Sotto Voce.

Amanda offers courses in Chinese calligraphy and intuitive artistic expression. This method explores, develops and liberates your creativity in a surprising way. You learn to uncover, feel and trust the creative flow within you, and allow lines, forms & colours to appear. This method is joyful and encourages to extend your limitations, to open your heart to new levels of understanding of yourself and others. To feel the joy and vitality which accompanies creative expression and to see lines and colours take form, gives a sense of the miraculous. 

Amanda lived and worked many years in China. She has a Ph.D. in Chinese Art and Philosophy. She speaks, reads and writes fluent Chinese and has been practicing Chinese calligraphy for 20 years. Her passion for Chinese aesthetics is a constant source of inspiration for her paintings and photography.