Yoga, a way of life

WELCOME to Mas Kailash where Pieter and Amanda are delighted and grateful to share their life-long experience with, and enthusiasm for Yoga, a wisdom tradition from India and Qigong, a wisdom tradition from China. 

Please call in advance to reserve.


                                              "Winter season : October 2018- May 2019"

Wednesday  18.00 - 19.15        indoors

Sunday         11.00 - 12.15       outdoors


"Summer season : May 2019- September 2019"

Wednesday      18.00 - 19.15      outdoors     

Sunday        9.00 - 10.15       outdoors


     15 Euros per class per person


Private classes by appointment 40 Euros



Both Yoga and Qigong  focus on the knowledge, the consciousness and mastery of our vital energy (prana in yoga and qi in qigong) in harmony with the universal/spiritual energy. Yoga and Qigong  each have specific techniques for body movement and specific ways of breathing.

"Qigong is dynamic and practiced standing. Qigong uses slow, circular, flowing motion balancing and harmonizing the yin & yang energies within the body with the universal energy which is all around us.

Yoga uses asanas (poses) where dynamic movement flows into relaxation and stillness, always alternating. Yoga is done sitting and lying down allowing each part of the body to get in touch with the earth.   

At Mas Kailash we integrate Yoga and Qigong because we experience how they complement and enhance each other's benfits for body, mind and spirit."

Both Yoga and Qigong combine awareness of breathing with conscious movement and awareness of BEING.

The practice of Yoga and Qigong brings us all improved well-being and flexibility; balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. 


Here, at Mas Kailash, you come to practice Yoga and Qigong outdoors all-year round. The departement  du Var is blessed with a micro climate where the sun shines generously all through the autumn and winter months. 



The practice of Yoga and Qigong outdoors, in the midst of this spectacular nature, is a unique and magical experience enhancing the senses, attuning us to nature and uniting us with the universe all around.   

Yoga sessions start with deep, conscious breathing (pranayama), relaxing the body and silencing the mind (meditation) enhanced by the sound of whispering leaves and singing birds. 

Gentle Qigong exercises warm up muscles, loosen joints, regenerate the elasticity of connective tissues, increase joint lubrication and awaken the energy throughout the body.



This is followed by a series of yoga postures (asanas) moving and stretching the body backwards, forwards and sideways allowing the energy to flow throughout the entire body.




Hatha Yoga uses bodypostures (asanas) and conscious breathing (pranayama) with mental focus (concentration) to develop awareness, strength, flexibility and unity of body, mind and spirit.



The yoga sessions end with deep, conscious breathing and total relaxation-meditation (shavasana). 

Gentle and slow, Hatha Yoga is the original form of Yoga and the most widely practiced in the world.

Yoga means "union" and refers to the union of spirit (universe) and body. Ha Tha refers to "sun and moon" or yin and yang (female and male) energies within the body and the universe. 

The practice of Yoga harmonizes the vital energies in the body, silences the mind and attunes to the Universal / Spiritual  energy. The practice of Yoga keeps body and mind healthy, stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens bones, joints, tendons and muscles.  In other words, it improves the quality of Life.



Yoga and Qigong encourage physical and mental balance, stimulate harmony with the natural energy which is all around us, and favour well-being, respect, gratitude, joy and Love.



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