C  e  n  t  r  e       f o r      W  e  l l - B  e  i  n g



Mas Kailash is a Yoga, Health and Art Centre nestled in a gorgeous old olive grove situated on the hillsides of Bargemon in the South of France.



Thousands of centuries-old olive trees grow on man-made stone terraces stretching out all over our landscape. 



Their gnarly sculptured trunks, with crowns of scintillating silvergreen foliage, stand like guardians of wisdom and well-being.



The olive tree is a universal symbol of peace and reconciliation and represents wisdom, glory, fertility and power. Also called "Liquid Gold", olive oil purifies, nourishes and heals the body internally as well as externally. It has been used in sacred rituals since times immemorial.


Mas Kailash is a 12,000 square meter property with about 80 olive trees. Year after year we are learning more about respecting and cultivating the olive trees, when and how to prune them and how to produce the best extra-virgin olive oil. The harvest of the olives starts in late autumn and the olives are handpicked and freshly pressed for optimal quality.



In the midst of this spectacular olive grove, Mas Kailash offers regular Yoga & Qigong classes, private Yoga & Qigong practice, Yoga & Qigong retreats 'à la carte' (min 3 days), Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment, Shiatsu massage, creative art ateliers, gourmet cuisine, nutrition counseling and unique and charming accommodations.

Welcome to unwind, relax, enjoy and recharge yourself!


Mas Kailash is a small-scale haven of comfort and beauty and offers you the best quality services and teachings tailored to each individual guest's desires and needs.



The Olive Grove at Mas Kailash is a true garden of Eden to harmonize body, mind and spirit for the well-being of heart and soul.



 A "mas" ( as in maison ) is a home here in the South of France. The word "Kailash" means "Crystal" in Sanskrit and is the name of Tibet's sacred mountain, Mount Kailash




It stands like a white pyramid at the heart of six mountain ranges and is the source of four major rivers. Pilgrims from different religions have, since thousands of years, come to circumambulate this Snow Jewel which they consider to be the axis of the world.  



It is a journey to and around Mount Kailash that gave our lives new direction and focus. So this charming olive grove in the South of France is reborn as Mas Kailash - Centre for Well-Being.