An  Epicurian  Paradise

The Bargemon region is known for its olive groves and olive oil production. You can visit the olive mills in the surrounding areas and learn more about the history and importance of the olive tree and the nutritional value of its products. Much has been said and written about the health benifits of olive oil and the Mediterranean cuisine in general. At Mas Kailash we have our own olive oil and homemade olives en saumure and tapenade



Just 10 km to the south of Bargemon starts the famous wine region of the Côtes de Provence. More and more growers here are offering organic wines. All through summer many of the Wine Domains organise art and music festivals, so you can go on a wine tasting tour with an artistic and musical flavour.

Bargemon has its own local wine production 'Le vieil Ecolier'. Delicious white, red and rose wines.   



The region is also known for its honey production, especially honey from Sarriette de montagne and lavender, which is so carefully collected by our busy bees. 














Inspired by the traditional 'Maitres vinaigriers' David produces authentic wine vinegar, vinegar flavoured with wild herbs, traditional balsamic vinegar (without caramel), as well as an assortment of delicious mustards, sweet, salty or spicy which will delight every gourmet.



Summer time, and the living is easy: tasty goat and sheep cheeses with an abundance of fresh vegetables from our own vegetable garden. 


At Mas Kailash we serve local organic products. In the evening we offer Table d'Hôte - on request. Just let us know in the morning if you want to join us for dinner in the evening.

Mas Kailash is only 2 km. from the village. You can easily walk or bike to the village for dinner in any of the local restaurants which range from pizzeria to nouvelle cuisine.




Amanda prepares fabulous handmade breads ... and jams, muffins, pancakes, vegetable tarts and other delights.















                                                                    B O N   A P P E T I T

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