L i v i n g  w i t h  j o y  

Pieter and Amanda are enthusiastic yogis each with 40 years of practice. They met in 2003 in the Himalayas. Pieter was on a sabbatical year travelling in the Far East. Amanda was exploring Tibet and Nepal. Two years later in 2005, they met up again in Kathmandu, heading for Tibet, to circumambulate mystical Mount Kailash together. Since then they are side by side.  



The funny thing is that they are both Belgians, both studied in Ghent in the same year and both left Belgium in 1978. Pieter went to the United States and Amanda to the People's Republic of China. Twenty five years later, in 2003, while trekking in the Himalayas, there was a serendipitous meeting in a lodge called "See You". The seed for a Yoga center sprouted there.

In 2009, after many months of home searching in the South of France, Pieter and Amanda settled in a beautiful Olive Grove, high on a hill overlooking the valley of Bargemon, in the departement of the Var.  They have named it Mas Kailash. They took care of the house and the olive trees and now Mas Kailash Yoga, Health and Art Center is ready to receive guests. 


Pieter started yoga at the age of 19 and furthermore trained in taiqiquan and qigong. He practices daily since then and has been training with different masters over the years. He lived in the US for 25 years working in the hotel & restaurant industry.

In 2004 he dedicated one year to intensive yoga study and practice in Chiangmai, Thailand. 

He is also a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a hands on healing art. Jin Shin Jyutsu uses the universal energy which flows through our hands and fingers to harmonize body and soul. It is a gentle Healing Art with amazing results. See sidebar Art of Healing


In his practice and teaching he unites the wisdom traditions into a unique energyflow.


 Amanda started intensive yoga at the age of 17 and was teaching yoga in Taiwan at 22. She studied qi gong with different masters in P.R. China and received a 'one on one' training at the Wudangshan Institute in Hubei province, P.R.China.  


She is a sinologist who speaks, reads and writes fluent Chinese and has a Ph.D. in Chinese Art and Philosophy. She travelled extensively all over China, Tibet and Nepal, in a quest for Truth and Beauty. For Amanda the Eastern philosophies and aesthetics are a constant source of exploration and study, contemplation and inspiration.  


The last twenty years she has been painting and practicing calligraphy. She lectures on Chinese art and philosophy, while yoga and qigong have become a way of life.


" Mas Kailash is a magical and inspiring place to be and we are grateful to be able to share our experience in Yoga, Qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Art in a relaxed, caring and loving way."