I took a ferry to the highway
Then I drove to a pontoon plane
I took a plane to a taxi
And a taxi to a train
I've been traveling so long
How'm I ever going to know my home when I see it again
I'm like a black crow flying
In a blue, blue sky

                      Joni Mitchell

Stand straight and bend from the waist, placing both  palms on the ground, pointing ahead, bending the elbows slightly. Bend and lift the the knees, keeping the eyes turned skywards (!) and place them  on the upper part of each corresponding arm, as close into the armpits as possible. The feet should be in line with the elbows and below the hips. While we stay balanced on the hands, we keep breathing normally, while holding the position as long as is comfortable with effortless effort ! Exhaling, we put the feet back down.


This asana improves concentration and balance, strengthens the wrists, arms and chest. 



...raindrops keep falling ...




Mas Kailash Art Studio

"To see the world in a grain of salt                                                              

And heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in one hour."


William Blake (1757-1827)


This little poem by the visionary painter William Blake expresses perfectly the essence of Chinese Aesthetics, which is the inspiration for the Art Studio of Mas Kailash.

Amanda invites you to join her for intuitive artistic expression and initiation in Chinese calligraphy. Creativity is present in each of us. We learn how to intuit our individual creative source and we allow our inspiration and imagination free and spontanious expression in forms and colours. We go beyond representation to create images of the mind. 

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About Yoga

"Union of the physical and the spiritual" is one way of defining Yoga. It is the art of relaxing the body and silencing the mind to open ourselves to the universal energy in and around us. It is a way of life in which the body and the natural world are experienced as an expression of the Divine. We honour and respect the Divine by respecting our body and the world around us, through awareness of our breath, thoughts and body.  

At the core of the many different kinds of Yoga is awareness and mastery of our vital energy to live a healthy, peaceful and joyful life.

The practice of pranayama (breathing exercises)asanas (postures), relaxation and meditation maintains or regains flexibility of the body allowing a free flow of vital energy (prana, qi or light), in harmony with the world around us.

Yoga is a gentle way of moving the body which is suitable for all ages.



Yoga Center 'Mas Kailash' in Provence takes form....

Our Yoga, Health and Art Center in Bargemon, South of France is in the final stage of realization. We are looking forward to receive guests.

We have charming accommodations for 6 persons. We like to practice in a small group because we value individual attention and follow-up. Quality is wat counts for us.

Mas Kailash is nestled in an enchanting Olive Grove where graceful olive trees, like dignified immortals, are guardians of peace and well-being. A Garden of Eden, it is.  

An art workshop with large windows has been constructed amidst the magnificent old olivetrees, overlooking the valley below. A perfect place to allow our creativity to grow, flow, expand...

Love and Gratitude