This year you may look forward to some yoga/qigong weekends at Mas Kailash focusing on some of our favourite themes:

1.      The Alchemy of einkorn.                                  

         April 28-May 1, 2018  ( 3 nights)

Einkorn is the oldest grain known to man with surprising nutritional benefits, of special interest for all those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance. We will transform einkorn into sourdough breads, crispy pizza,  delicious raviolis and the best biscotti.


2.      The Alchemy of the human body : Jin Shin Jyutsu                        May 18-21, 2018 ( 3 nights)

A few days of practical introductory focus on Jin Shin Jyutsu, the ancient Japanese art of hands-on healing, for maintenance of good health.


3.      The Alchemy of Heliocryse and St John’s Wort.      

         June 14-17 2018 (3 nights)

In the immediate vicinity of Mas Kailash we will collect these wildflowers  with remarkable health & beauty benefits and then transform the Heliocryse (Immortelle) and St John’s Wort into nourishing and rejuvenating beauty creams.

As always, space is limited to 6 guests/ 3 rooms, so if you are interested in any of these week-ends please contact us soon by phone or by e-mail …


Price for 3 nights, all meals and all material included :

500 Euros/person for single room

700 Euros /2 persons sharing a room (350 Euros/person)

Please contact us by phone 06 37 60 09 81 or by e-mail


Previously, Mas Kailash had the honour and pleasure to receive painters, musicians, yoga and qigong teachers, from around the world, who shared with us their knowledge, experience and passion.


September 2013 

5 day Qigong course with Kevin Davison, Integrated Qigong Teacher and naturopath, living and surfing in Maui, Hawaii.


Integrated Qigong is an active form of Qigong based on the 5 elements : Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of the elements is associated with specific organs and meridians and each has a specific set of bodymovements which complement each other and also complement our daily Yoga practice.

The practice of Integrated Qigong tones, strengthens, aligns and opens muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons, improves specific and general circulation, improves organ performance and improves balance and coordination.   

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May 2013 : Didgeridoo meditation retreat



Jacco Fransen who lives in Hilversum, Netherlands, is a musician and proficient didgeridoo player. He has been leading meditation groups since many years. In May 2012, Mas Kailash had the pleasure to have Jacco here with us and to experience first-hand the enchantment of the didgeridoo. 

The Didgeridoo is an instrument of the Australian aborigines which produces low frequency earth sounds. 

Sound is a great tool to put our mind at rest whether it be drumming, chanting, reciting mantra's etc...

Listening to the didgeridoo has a calming and relaxing effect on body and mind. In the aboriginal culture didgeridoo was played near sick people to help them heal and there is sufficient evidence that the low vibrations of the didgeridoo have a soothing and healing influence on mind and body.

   Jacco at Mas Kailash in 2012 



17 May and 28 May 2013 : creative atelier in Chinese painting


Guest-artist "He Jianguo" is a Chinese painter living and working in Beijing.