Bicycle Kora
Aug 31, 2010 at 13:49
amanda & pieter in Chambres d'Hotes de charme, South of France, bargemon, provence, yoga and art, yoga holidays, yoga vacations

An exhilarating way to discover the beautiful surroundings of Bargemon is by bike. A 30 km loop or kora passes through Seillans, Claviers & Bargemon.

Starting from the Mas, a 5 km steady climb up and 5 km whirling down, at the speed you yourself control, takes you down to Seillans. Spectacular panoramas, as far as the azure blue sea, roll before your eyes. 

From Seillans a former railroad track makes for easy riding to the charming village of Claviers, offering a superb view of Bargemon, the target of return.

After a tough final climb back up to Bargemon, Pieter, making the kora for the first time on his birthday,  felt reborn - after catching his breath!


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